Welcome to your
First $100 Training

This quick series (seriously, it’s less than 15 minutes total!) will help you understand the basics to making $100 utilizing the generous Young Living compensation plan. Save the link to your phone for easy search and find to share or re-watch.

Step 1.

Brand Partners earn 25% of their customers orders
Become a Brand Partner,
Share your Referral Link, 
Bring in 400pv in orders in one calendar month,
You will earn $100
Repeat any month you wish!

Step 2.

WHERE do you get help? Your enroller.
An enroller is the person who introduced you to Young Living & signed you up. 
WHEN can you start? Right now!
WHAT do you need to know? The products – or where to find the information.
Download the FREE App – LifeSteps  – take the wellness assessment and share with your enroller.
WHO can benefit from using Young Living?
HOW will you help people? 
WHY do you want to share Young Living?

Step 3.

Purchase your Business Essentials Kit
You only need to purchase the BEK once. This one-time purchase will make you eligible to earn a check in the months you want to.

Finding Your Referral Link
go to www.youngliving.com
Sign In
My Account
Share YL
click “Copy Link”

Signing Up A Friend
Send them your referral Link, they click it
They add items to their cart
They click “View Cart”
They Click “Check Out”
They click “Create Account”
They confirm and fill out information.
Your Referral ID is already in the spot for “Referral ID”
They click to approve terms of service, privacy policy
They click “Create an Account”
They complete billing & shipping and complete order!

Step 4.

When in doubt – ask your enroller!

Unlocking 24% discount
for customers or brand partners – must order at least 1 item on Subscribe to Save or place one order of at least 100pv
How much do you make when you sign up a friend?
You will make 25% of your customers pv for their first 3 months, after that, you earn unilevel pay based on rank. More on that in a future video.
How can you be successful if you’ve never sold anything
– or you don’t want to “be salesy” or sell to your friends?
You will find the more you serve people through listening to what they need and helping them find an answer, they will ask how to order. All you have to do is listen & invite people into the opportunity to learn about Young Living. 
Other Questions?
Ask your enroller, or reach out, my contact info is below.  

We are so excited you are ready to take this step!

Do not hesitate to reach out to your enroller or one of your support team members because we want to fully support you on your journey.  Please contact us by texting EXCITED to 205-390-7156.  

As you make your first $100, you might decide you want to see what else this opportunity has to offer. The next step is closing the money gap, as we briefly discussed in this series, which means bringing in closer to $500 per month. If you decide that is something you’d like to check out, see our series:

Closing the Gap – making $500 per month. Ask your enroller for the link!

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We are so excited you are ready to take this step!